Beagle Personality Traits and All Information

 The beagle dog is by far one of the most popular dogs in North America. There are an estimated 20 million beagle dogs spread out over the country. These dogs are highly intelligent, loyal friends and wonderful family companions. However, it is important to know what you can expect from your beagle before bringing him or her home. Beagles were originally bred in Germany as hunting dogs. The beagle has a naturally compact face, a short and muscular body, and a lustrous double-layered coat. Beagle Price also depends on these factors.

The beagle is a natural scent hounds breed, developed mostly for hunting hares. They are gentle, loving, and extremely devoted friends. A cherry eye is one physical trait common among all beagles - a pinkish black marking on the inner portion of the upper eyelid and occasionally on the perimeters of the white mask. This is caused by a congenital condition, but some dog owners claim it is simply a result of the Beagle's coloring.

Another natural characteristic common among beagles is their sweet nature, though they can be aggressive toward others once they become possessive. Some people believe beagles have a harder temperament than other breeds. This may be true as well, but this beagle personality is one that any pet parents should be able to adapt to without any problems - even if the beagle has a reputation for being fierce.

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Another trait that separates beagles from other breeds is that they tend to be sensitive, energetic, and responsive to voice commands. This beagle breed will get along well with other animals and families and have few health problems. Their grooming needs are minimal and they usually only need to be bathed when particularly dirty.

Some other beagle personality traits include: gentle, calm, responsive, quiet, well-balanced, pliable, and well-groomed. These are characteristics that make beagles excellent choices for pet parents. They are very protective of their owners and can become quite jealous when other dogs seem to get attention or favor. However, these dogs do enjoy companionship and will often lie down next to their owner during play. Miniature beagles are known for being very affectionate toward humans.

A beagle dog breed that should be avoided is large dogs, as they may bully the smaller dogs. You may also want to avoid beagles that are over one year of age or older. This is because these dogs can become seriously ill very easily and may even die if not properly cared for. Many times, pet parents neglect to feed beagles on a regular basis leading to their nutritional deficiency. As a result, they may develop serious health problems.