American Bully also known as the English Bulldog

 The American Bully, also known as the English Bulldog, is a short-haired, powerful breed of dog that was developed for the working dog market. They are extremely intelligent and eager to please. Their size is small, but they can get very large. They have been bred down from the English Bulldog, so some American Bully dogs may have come from European ancestors.

American Bully puppies vary in temperament. Some have friendly, playful tendencies while others can be aggressive or timid. This breed was originally bred to do police work. Their temperament makes them suitable for families with children or other pets. They tend to be very affectionate and loyal, but like most breeds of dogs, will get along well with other family members.

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The American Bully dog breed is not typically considered to be a pit bull because of its non-aggressive nature. Pit Bulls tend to be more aggressive than the American Bully, however and should be socialized from an early age onwards. This is because they have a tendency to be stubborn, possessive (even of their owner's belongings) and possessive of the owner's time. American Bully puppies will require a lot of exercise daily and should be given regular human interaction.

The American Bully is famous for its power and strength and is not suited to families without children. Their stubbornness can often be troublesome as well. In fact, this breed can be demanding with owners who do not seem to match their own degree of persistence. American Bully breeders should be responsible for administering temperament tests on buyers before bringing the dogs into the family. This helps to eliminate many potential problems before the dog is introduced to the rest of the family.

The American Bully kennel term refers to any number of different American Bulldog breeds including the American Bandog, American Bulldog, American Bulldogs, and the Pit Bull. The term bully means that the dog has a powerful drive and is not necessarily obedient. This type of dog tends to be competitive in nature. Many owners of the American Bully breed describe the animal as a "sucker".

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In recent years, many "pet shops" have begun to advertise the American Bully as being a "pet-friendly breed". It is important to understand, however, that the American Bully has the powerful drive and is not a pet to be played with. The American Bully breed is one that needs much more exercise and stimulation than most breeds. If you are considering purchasing an American Bully Terrier or another aggressive pit bull terrier for your family, you should make sure that you research the breed and know what you are getting. An American Bully Terrier can be an excellent pet, but it takes a lot of responsibility to raise one.