The Long-Haired German Shepherd Dog

  The German Shepherd dog is a long-haired, medium to big-sized working breed originally originating in Germany. It has a close resemblance to the Bulldog. According to the British Board of Veterinary Medicine (BBVM), the official language of the German Shepherd breed is German Shepherd Dog. There are several other breeds of dogs bearing the same name. In order to differentiate between the different breeds, it is common to use a variation of the Breed Standard of the German Shepherd Dog to identify each breed.

The German Shepherd dog is characterized by its curly black hair coat that is short and curly at the front and long and silky in the back. Due to its excellent nature, this breed can be used as a guide dog. This breed is also a good watchdog, which aids in the protection of the house. The German Shepherd dog may be a bit sensitive towards cold weather conditions. The german shepherd dog price in India varies on many factors.

According to the World Dog Breeders Association (WDA), as part of the working dog requirements in the US, German Shepherds have been allowed to be registered and categorized as "working dogs". As per the AKC guide dog requirements, the German Shepherd dog may be categorized into four classes namely: Bandog, Burghal, Alsatian and Schutzhund. These four classes are further split into three more subclasses namely: working Terriers, sporting dogs and companion animals.

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There has been a tremendous rise in the popularity of the German Shepherd over the past twenty years or so. This is primarily due to its temperament which has made it an excellent choice for many households. The German Shepherd makes a great family pet as it is gentle, loyal, extremely devoted and very lovable. However, like any other dog breed, the German Shepherd requires certain grooming requirements to keep it looking its best at all times.

Grooming for German Shepherds needs to be done on a regular basis to maintain the look and feel that is so appealing to owners. Brushing their coats at least once a week is recommended to prevent mats from forming. When brushing the rin tin, use a soft bristle brush as it will not hurt the sensitive skin of your German Shepherd. In addition, you should try and get your hands on some good quality shampoos and conditioners as these can help to keep the coat of your German Shepherd looking shiny and healthy.

Another factor that is important for the well-being of your long-haired German shepherd dog is health and well being. It is important to maintain a healthy body weight as this in turn will increase your dogs' intelligence levels. By having a healthy body weight, your German shepherd dog will be better equipped to resist infections and illnesses. Also it is advisable to get your German Shepherd neutered as a female German shepherd dog is known to have a higher rate of illness compared to a male German shepherd dog. This is because the female dog's testicles are exposed to more strain and are more prone to tumors.