The Siberian Husky is primarily a medium-size working Dog

 The Siberian Husky is primarily a medium-size working sled dog breed. The breed is identified by its heavily furred double-layered double coat, triangular head, square ears, and uniquely unique markings, which are different from the same-looking Alaskan Malamute but are significantly smaller. This breed is also distinguished by a head that is slightly larger than its body size, an overall compact muscular build, a short muzzle, rounded ears, and a somewhat softened underbite. All these characteristics make the Siberian Husky a highly versatile companion with an excellent temperament and intelligence for both young and old.

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Because of the Siberian Husky distinctive appearance, it is considered a designer dog in the UK and was the first breed of dog to be registered officially with the AKC (American Kennel Club). The breed is recognized by the American Kennel Club for its resistance to chipping and for its good breeding qualities. Its double-layered coat keeps it warm in the cold weather, making it a great match for those who live in countries with drastic differences in temperature.

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Aside from being a medium-sized, sturdy working dog, the Siberian husky is also a wonderful companion breed. Most people who own this breed end up keeping them as pets because of their playful nature and eagerness to please. They are very much like a kid in that they want to play all the time - even if it means disturbing the whole family! Because of their playful nature, it is not surprising why most Siberian huskies are often categorized as energetic dogs because they love to play and explore everything in their path.